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project cornerstone

Project Cornerstone is a Santa Clara County-wide movement based on survey research involving over two million children across the United States. This research, conducted by Search Institute, identified 41 developmental assets that help children thrive. The study found a direct correlation between high numbers of perceived assets and less 'at risk' behavior among children in grades 5-12. The more assets children perceive within their communities the less likely they are to be truant, do drugs, and attempt suicide. None of these assets cost anything to provide and there are no socio-economic, racial, or geographic groups that are less able to provide these assets to their youth. Keep reading to find out what Westwood Elementary is doing to create an asset-rich school environment for our students.

In their class session with our Caring Adults, students worked through several ideas and built their tool-kit by learning: how to identify, acknowledge, and express feelings in safe, positive, and healthy ways; to stop and think and choose how to react when feeling out of control; to be able to switch directions and make positive choices; and how to use peaceful conflict resolution and take steps to a genuine apology.  

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Westwood Elementary Project Cornerstone Programs:

ABC Parent Volunteer Program

In the Project Cornerstone ABC Reading Program, trained parent volunteer readers visit each classroom once a month to read the book of the month, lead a discussion, and facilitate activities. Lessons focus on developing positive social skills and developmental assets.

The goals of the ABC Reading Program are:

  • Learn a common language about student respect and behavior for the whole school community.
  • Create a respectful environment with positive peer interactions.
  • Help students develop skills to handle physical, verbal, and digital bullying, and to stand up if they see someone else being bullied.
  • Increase the number of caring adults on campus so that all students know at least one adult they can turn to if they have a problem.
  • Contribute to a positive school climate where every student feels valued and supported.

Parent Education

We will offer the two-hour "Assets 101" class for new docents and other interested parents in late August or early September.

Interested in volunteering or learning more?

Please contact Stacia Sarna with questions or inquiries.