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Our Staff


Name      Title   Telephone    Email
Cori Ghaffari           Principal   423-4301
Sandy Machado    Secretary   423-4310
Lilia Hernandez    Clerical Assistant   423-4311


Teacher Room    Telephone Email                                
Mary Blevins/Elena Dritsas                     25       423-4375   /
Rene Coleman 24 423-4374
Vonny Lee (Kleveland) 27 423-4377

First Grade

Teacher Room   Telephone Email
Karol Advincula                  3 423-4353  
Karin Chivers 4 423-4354
Suzie Jochner 5 423-4355

Second Grade

Teacher                          Room    Telephone Email
Heidi Murray             15     423-4365    
Kendall Schomberg 8 423-4362
Kiva Qualls   14 423-4369

Third Grade

Teacher                          Room    Telephone  Email
Christine Surber 12 423-4362
Debbie Glines


Joanne Spektor 13 423-4363

Fourth Grade

Teacher Room Telephone Email
Christa Ivancovich           20           423-4370  
Laura Rubio 19 423-4321

Fifth Grade

Teacher Room Telephone Email
Mark Harrington                17         423-4367  
Mike Jones 21 423-4371

Resource / SAI Staff

Name                  Room     Telephone Email
Shea Bosworth                  34              423-4344
Claudia Lopez                  34     423-4345

PS Autism Program

Teacher                              Room Telephone Email
Sarina Mehmi 39         423-4346
Miriam Nuno 36 423-4386
Ashley Palmano 37 423-4317
Adrienne Syth 44 423-4314
Daisy Serano-Perez 41 423-4324
Kiki Sandhu 42 423-4342

Additional Faculty & Support






Rita Barone

Wellness Coordinator/Counseling

Erin Kennedy



Cindy Hua

Room 43


Karin Kimiecik



Leano Lowella

Room 35


Namita Maunder

Program Specialist



Angela McMurray Bruen

School Psychologist


Joanne Cannard

Room 22


Stephanie Bestul

Extended Day Daycare
Room 29 & 30

423-4315 / 423-4316

Katryna Dale 




Message Only



Meet Our Principal!

Dear Westwood families,


Welcome to Westwood! As the start of school year approaches, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to our new families. Heading into my fourth year as principal, I continue to be honored and humbled to be a part of this amazing Westwood community! If we don't know each other already, I believe it is important that we get to know each other as soon as possible.

To tell you a little about myself, Santa Clara Unified has been my home for the last twenty-one years, where I have taught kindergarten through fifth grade. From 1997-2008, that home was here at Westwood! I left in 2008 to become the principal at George Mayne Elementary and served there for four years. I left in 2012 when my son was born and returned to teaching at Pomeroy Elementary. Now, I have come full-circle, returning to the home I love here at Westwood as your principal! I am a California native, a product of public schools in the bay area, and educated through our public universities both at UC Santa Cruz and San Jose State. My educational background is in Linguistics and I have always had an interest in travel, languages, and culture. I speak, read, and write Spanish (much better in person than on the phone, however). I am also a proud parent to a high school graduate (my step-son, Camren), a high school senior(my step-daughter, Jasmin), and an energetic first grader (my son, Kian). What an exciting journey!

I truly believe that the best schools are ones that have healthy communication and support at all levels. I cannot stress enough the role of the parent in your child’s education. We are a team; teachers, support staff, parents, and community. When we all work together for the good of our community, we can achieve great things. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this Westwood community and can't wait to partenr with you to make this an amazing year!

As a teacher, I always enjoyed the moment when a student would look up at me and say, “This isn’t learning. This is fun!” That’s the kind of attitude I hope to see all of our students have as we move into this new year at Westwood. It is my belief that high student achievement can be attained through fun, engaging activities that bring the learning alive and cause all students to enjoy all aspects of school. By keeping our expectations for all learners high, we can foster a love of learning that stays with every child throughout their school experience. I have always believed that “the higher the expectation, the higher the achievement.”

So, that’s me. I look forward to learning about you in the very near future. Classes begin Thursday, August 15th. Please remember to check in on this website site regularly throughout the year and please call the school with any concerns you might have 408-423-4300. I can always be reached through email as well ( I look forward to seeing you at some of the many activities that are scheduled throughout the year, and thank you, again, for your support of Westwood Elementary School.


Corinne Ghaffari, principal
Westwood Elementary School